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Shay Carl, Kevin Nalts, Charles Trippy & Friends

September 2013 | In Boston for Brain Surgery 

You know I look hot in my argyle socks

Charles is such a dork, but i love him

Anonymous said: Do you know why Kayli had a c-section? Did they mention in any of the vlogs?


I think it might be because the 2 births before didn’t go as smoothly. So because she wanted it less stress & a fear of having something going wrong again they went for a c section

To anon: Watch the latest episode of The Mom’s View, she explains everything there :) [x]



One minute I’m crying over Winston starting to opening his eyes,
The next, I’m crying at Shay’s text.


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Guy trying to tear a book, i’m crying

Anonymous said: Do you know if they're just separated meaning taking a break or are they getting a divorce? :/


I hate to say it but I think its a divorce :c

Sadly i believe it is a divorce. In Shays vlog when he talks about the phone call with Charles, he said the word divorce not separate. :(


For those interested in the custom Jonas puzzle. Here is a closer look at the cube and a video of me solving it. 

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